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CPNS stands candidate for Civil Servants. To pass CPNS in Indonesia need to succeed in answering the question of Academic Potential Test, in addition to Test Maturity Scale, and General Knowledge Test.

Civil servants are workers in the public sector who work for the government of a country. Workers in non-departmental public bodies sometimes also classified as public servants.

Civil servants in foreign countries

Great Britain

In the United Kingdom, civil servants - are incorporated into what is called the British Civil Service (Civil Service Great Britain) - are workers who are recruited and promoted based on their expertise, and not including those who are appointed to certain positions. Civil servants in the United Kingdom should be neutral and are prohibited from engaging in political campaigns, although in practice it is sometimes questionable neutrality.

United States

In the United States, the civil servant is defined as "any designated position in the executive branch, legislative, and judicial branches of the Government of the United States, except for certain positions in the uniformed services. At the beginning of the 19th century, based on the Spoils system, all bureaucrats depend on politicians elected in the elections. It was amended in Act Pendleton Civil Service Reform in 1883, and now all public servants in the United States designated and recruited based on expertise, although in certain public servants like the head of diplomatic missions and agents completed by the executive who are politically appointed.


Other countries have systems that vary. For example in France, all public servants are career employees as well as in the United Kingdom, although ministers have substantial authority to appoint senior positions based on political sympathy. In Germany, as in the U.S., clearly distinguished between political positions and career positions.

Some public sector workers are not classified as civil servants. In most countries, members of the armed forces for example, are not classified as a public servant. In the United Kingdom, the National Health Service workers and local government officials not include civil servants.

Civil servants in Indonesia

In Indonesia, civil servants comprising:

1. Civil Servants (PNS)
2. Members of the Indonesian National Army (TNI)
3. Members of the Indonesian National Police (INP)

Just as in Britain and France, civil servants in Indonesia is a career system. They were selected in a particular selection test, get a salary and special allowances, and obtained a pension.

However, there are certain positions that are not occupied by civil servants, for example:

* President, Governor, Regent, and Mayor - elected directly by the people through elections
o Minister - appointed by the President
* Sub-district and village heads are civil servants, while the mayor is not a civil servant because they were elected directly by local residents.
* Chairman of the RW and RT

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Civil Servant

Civil Service consists of

1. Central Government Civil Servants (PNS Centre), namely civil servants whose salary is charged to the state budget, and worked for the department, non-departmental agencies, the state secretariat, state high institutions, Government agencies in the regions, and court reporting in court.
2. Local Civil Servants (PNS Region), ie civil servants working in local government and the salary is charged to the budget. Regional PNS consists of civil servants and civil servants Provincial Regional District.

Both civil servants and civil servants Central Region to be helped out their parent agencies. If so, his salary is charged to the agencies that receive assistance. In addition to civil servants, the competent authority to appoint non-permanent employees (PTT) or also called honorarium, ie employees who are appointed for a specified period to carry out the task of governance and development of a technical nature and professional in accordance with the needs and capabilities of the organization. PTT is not domiciled in the civil service.

In the government bureaucracy known career positions, ie positions within the bureaucracy that can only be occupied by civil servants. Position career can be divided into 2, namely:

1. Structural positions, ie positions which clearly exist in the organizational structure. The position of multilevel structural position of the lowest level (echelon IV / b) until the supreme (echelon I / a). Examples of structural position in the Central Civil Servants are: Secretary-General, Director General, Bureau Chief, and Senior Advisor. While examples of structural positions in the civil area are: the regional secretary, the head offices / agencies / offices, chief, chief, section chief, subdistrict, district secretary, village heads, village heads and secretaries.

2. Functional, ie positions that are not expressly mentioned in the organizational structure, but from the viewpoint of functionality required by organizations, such as: auditor (Auditor Functional or JFA), teachers, lecturers, doctors, nurses, midwives, pharmacists, researchers, planners, computer administration, statisticians, laboratory educational institutions, and motor vehicle examiners.

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