Kunci Jawaban Soal Snmptn 2011 IPA Part 2

>> Wednesday, June 1, 2011

In the beginning the exam as usual. But in the middle of exams, WR take HP that either hidden where. WR then secretly seeing his cell phone was. Duty officer initially observed and quiet.

But after seeing WR continually see the HP screen, the officer approached the suspect immediately. Officers then firmly secure the WR and handed to police.

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Answer Key of IPA Snmptn 2011 Code 591
Answer Key of IPA Snmptn 2011 Code 599
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Answer Key of IPA Snmptn 2011 Code 674
Answer Key of IPA Snmptn 2011 Code 678

Implementation SNMPTN exam (the national college entrance selection country) written lines the first day was held, yesterday (31 / 5). In general, the test went smoothly. Still, many participants who come late.
One of them, Sigit, participants SNMPTN Sriwijaya University majoring in IPC. Up at 08.00 am, he was accompanied by a lady friend who is also the participants looked confused SNMPTN find the exam room. Meanwhile, the test begins at 07.30 pm. "We've been looking into FISIP but no numbers of this exam.'s Why we asked the secretariat SNMPTN," he said.
Fortunately, the Secretariat SNMPTN both these participants met the exam committee and Chief PPJK Unsri, Zainuddin Nawawi. With appropriate policies SOP (standard operating procedures) eventually both participants are facilitated to separate exams in one room on the second floor of the KPA Unsri Bukit Besar.
"We are facilitating their exam in another room in the KPA for being late. Pity if you find a site again, the longer they lose exam time," said Zainuddin. Actually, the committee get a second test location data of participants in FE Unsri.
"But since both are already late and had panicked, then the appropriate SOP justified we prepared a special room for them to be able to take the exam soon," he added. From the identity number of participants both, known Sigit Isnawati Lewis and Mandy comes from OKUT graduates in 2009. They both take the form of IPC.
Meanwhile, local committee chairman who is also SNMPTN Unsri Vice Rector I, Prof. Zulkifli Dahlan DEA accompanying monitoring and evaluation team members SNMPTN center around the location of the exam.
M & E team member central committee is coming to see the direct and ensure implementation of SNMPTN in South Sumatra. Supply the information if there are a number of examinees number of double / same. Until the completion of the second test yesterday, there was no shortage of problems and other constraints mean.
Prof. Zulkifli said, in general, implementation SNMPTN first day went smoothly. "There is no shortage of problems because we have reserves of about 10 percent. So the question we receive range from 18 thousand," he explained.
Not found also indications of perjokian. There are only two participants who test numbers double. However, the problem was quickly resolved. "We direct coordination to the central committee. One immediately gets a new number," he said. All this SNMPTN answer sheet next Thursday will be sent directly to the central executive committee SNMPTN.
Zulkifli said, examination answer sheets are participants in the campus of the University of Indonesia. How many participants do not attend? Explained Zulkifli, attendance calculation, there are 581 people from a total of 15,371 participants who missed the first day. "So, who attended as many as 14,790 persons or about 96.22 percent."
Monitoring at several locations is pretty much absent. As in SMA Negeri 2, as many as 21 participants from 480 people, were absent without excuse. In the exam in SMA 1, as many as 31 people of 580 participants absent. Then in FKIP Parent Unsri Bukit Besar, a total of 10 participants from 128 persons were absent.
While at the University Park Student, implementation SNMPTN reviewed directly by the Rector of the University of Sriwijaya (Sriwijaya) Prof. Perizade Badia. At 7:45 pm arrived and immediately review the implementation of tests of academic potential (TPA) were performed. Not long, just a few minutes, the Rector of the straight to another location SNMPTN implementation.
"Just reviewing the implementation of SNMPTN alone," said Sofyan Hasan SH MH, SNMPTN Responsible Student at University Park, yesterday (31 / 5). He admitted, did not meet with obstacles in the implementation SNMPTN in those locations. However, no matter who is found not to contain the problem.
"But, already prepared to back up. There are 20 questions for the stock if found any damage, "said Sofyan. In implementing these, no students who arrive late. This is because the day before the execution of all test participants had seen the seating position and the room they will use to test SNMPTN first day.
University Park Student self, entry in the sector with the Veterans smkn 6, and the University of IBA. On its own unity, the test to participants who choose science. Local Number which is used by 25 room, with perkelasnya 20 people. Thus, the number of participants reached 500 participants with the supervisor of 50 people.

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