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>> Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mental math is the ability to not only do simple mathematics in your head but also the not-so-simple mathematics as well. Students will potentially benefit the most from this skill but people of all ages will find that having the ability to do math in your head enriches your life in ways you've never even thought of before.
Mental math can be learned by anyone with a bit of practice. For anyone that has ever struggled with the basics of mathematics, mental math can allow you to not only master those basics but to perform them better than the average person. There are fundamental tricks for each branch of math including multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction. These tricks don't require any memorization, special aptitude, or hours of studying. The benefits of having mental math as a skill are extensive and pervasive. All corners of life contain at least some numbers and with those numbers inevitably comes math!

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Saving time on small calculations during homework and exams
Impress your friends with your math skills
Calculating the cost of items before you get to the cashier in a store
Doing budgets in your head for bills
Estimating costs for potential home renovations, car repairs, etc.
In our modern world we're used to using machines to help us: calculators, computers, cash registers, etc. Mental math gives you the ability to perform simple and even sometimes complex calculations in your head in less time than it takes to punch the numbers into your calculator!

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