Kunci Jawaban Soal Snmptn 2011 Kemampuan Dasar Part 1

>> Wednesday, June 1, 2011

National Selection Committee for Local 42 Login State University (SNMPTN) Semarang recorded hundreds of participants absent in the implementation SNMPTN written test on 31 May to 1 June 2011.

"We've recapitalize the data from the first day (05/31/2011) and the second day (06/01/2011). The candidate who was not present when the test was confirmed SNMPTN fall," said Chairman of the Committee for Local 42 SNMPTN Semarang, Agus Wahyudi, in Semarang on Wednesday (01/06/2011).

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On the first day and the first material, the IPA, who missed as many as 327 participants, the IPS group participants who missed as many as 321 participants, and IPC group were not present to 196 participants so that participants missed a total of 844 participants.

Apparently, he said, the level of absenteeism of participants on the first day it rose on the second matter, namely that absent any IPA groups 330 participants, the IPS is absent there are 327 participants, and IPC group there are 195 participants who missed a total of 852 participants absent any participant.

For the second day when the first material, the level of absenteeism participants into groups of 344 people IPA and IPC 205 participants, continues to show improvement compared to the first day of the test.

"Finally, on the second day for the second material that is only followed by IPS and IPC group. In the IPS group participants noted that as many as 380 people missing, while the IPC group who did not attend as many as 218 people," he said.

For the total number of applicants registered in the Local Committee 42 SNMPTN Hyderabad, he added, the group recorded a total of 8168 participants IPA, IPS as many as 9180 participants, while a total of 6226 participants IPC group.

He said it was recap on one by one by day and test materials, for participants who missed just can not be summed from the first day until the second day of testing because it could be equal participants.

"However, if viewed in the implementation of the last day participants SNMPTN absenteeism tends to rise. We do not know the cause of their absence," said Agus, who is also Vice Rector I, State University of Semarang.

According to him, one of the graduation assessment indicators in SNMPTN is the fulfillment of the values of all the materials tested, if there is any one test materials that do not follow automatically disqualified.

"Participants should also have realized the consequences SNMPTN absent in the implementation, although only one test material, let alone testing this until one day the two test materials, namely disqualified," said Agus.

A participant of the National Selection Entrance State University (SNMPTN) secured police. Participants SNMPTN secured for continued work especial HP while working on the exam.

"He was being questioned and still we understood better. Presumably there are answers to questions in HP so that participants continued to see his cell phone," said Adj Reskrim Polrestabes Surabaya, AKBP AnomWibowo, when contacted detiksurabaya.com, Wednesday (06/01/2011).

With these allegations, said Anom, meaning there is no indication if the matter SNMPTN leak. From the information gathered, the participants were the initials WR. WR came from Roxburgh and following the implementation SNMPTN exam at the State University of Surabaya (Unesa).

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