Keys Answer of Snmptn 2011 TPA - Part 2

>> Wednesday, June 1, 2011

In the city of Solo, Central Java, found four doubles number of eight participants. The findings are then immediately addressed the committee with a number of new participants on the spot.

University Rector Prof. Eleven March Solo Ravik Karsidi say, double the number of participants also found in the city of Semarang (10 numbers), Yogyakarta (7 numbers), and Purwokerto (7 numbers).

Download Answer Keys of TPA Snmptn 2011 - All Regional Part 2

Answer Key of TPA Snmptn 2011 Code 756
Answer Key of TPA Snmptn 2011 Code 7773
Answer Key of TPA Snmptn 2011 Code 775
Answer Key of TPA Snmptn 2011 Code 792
Answer Key of TPA Snmptn 2011 Code 796

"Everything has been resolved. Once aware of the doubles, the committee immediately contact center data in Surabaya. From there, the new number is given," said Ravik.

Thus, the number of participants who have a double number is replaced with a new number so that the computer answer sheet that listed the new number.

Relatively smooth

In some cities, such as Bandung, Yogyakarta, Semarang, Padang, and other cities, organizing SNMPTN relatively smoothly. There were several participants who come late, but still can be tolerated by the committee.

Participants with special needs also receive adequate services from the committee. In Solo, for example, there were 27 participants with special needs, including 22 people with color blindness, 3 persons with visual impairments, and 2 deaf. They were mostly majored in science education incredible.

In the vicinity of Jakarta, many participants SNMPTN who complained because the location of selection test does not comply with the request contained in the registration form online. Many participants who live in Tangerang, for example, must follow the selection of a written exam in Bekasi, while students in Bekasi in Jakarta following the written exam.

Separately, when reviewing the implementation of a written test SNMPTN in SMA 24 and SMA 82 Jakarta, National Education Minister Mohammad Nuh warned, universities must provide 20 percent seats for poor students.

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